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Professional Medical Care

Medical care in Germany is among the most efficient in Europe while being a lot less costly than medical care in Switzerland or Great Britain. What makes German medical care so unique? First and foremost, cutting-edge medical equipment that is upgraded every 3-5 years, latest scientific achievements and the highest qualification of both the doctors and the healthcare team. Germany is a country with the highest proportion of state-sponsored medical care among EU countries.

Our innovative state-of-the-art neurological center is located in the center of Dusseldorf. It lets us run numerous tests with the best possible quality. We perform full neurologic and psychiatric diagnostics and treatment in our center. Surgical treatment and rehabilitation is carried out in either Dusseldorf clinics or elsewhere in Germany.

Our clinic focuses on in-house diagnostics of neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders. Our team includes Neurologists, Psychiatrists, a Therapist and a Psychologist. We deliver the best in modern professional medical care in the shortest possible time with no middle man.

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Self-Help Groups

Communication and sharing one’s experiences, as well as therapy, is a significant factor in combating the disease.

We offer services as an intermediary agent in establishing and maintaining these contacts.

We enjoy a fruitful and close collaboration with our colleagues in Psychology and Therapy, as well as other branches of medicine.

Emergency Care

If you require urgent medical care outside of our working hours, you can call Emergency Care in Central Emergency Practice:

0180 – 50 44 100

(Zentrale Notfallpraxis, Evangelische Krankenhaus, Duesseldorf)

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