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Ultrasound Dopplerography

Neurological ultrasound diagnostics is primarily based on the application of Doppler Effect. Red blood cells are able to reflect ultrasound thus enabling a researcher to visualize the flow of blood through brain arteries.

Today’s ultrasound technology makes it possible to examine blood flow in both surface and deep arteries of the brain. Color visualization of blood flow allows us to accurately gauge flow rate, which in turn enables us to diagnose calcification of arteries caused by atherosclerosis as well as other causes of vessel constriction.

After a recent apoplectic stroke we can determine whether it was caused by vasoconstriction and thus choose optimal course of treatment. Ultrasound diagnostics is a completely safe and non-invasive diagnostic tool fit for periodic check-ups. One example of its application is during the rehab period following a surgical widening of throat arteries.

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