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Information for Patients

If it is your first visit this quarter of the year please carry with you the following items:

  • Insurance card
  • Referral
  • Exam analysis statement and drug plan

Breakdown of quarters in a year:

  • January, 1
  • April, 1
  • July, 1
  • October, 1

Please note that drug prescriptions and procedure referrals are only possible if your insurance card has been scanned in the current quarter or you have a referral from this quarter.

It is also possible to mail us your insurance card. We will send it back to you with your prescription!

Individual Visiting Hours

Every day we arrange for individual visiting hours. It allows you to visit our clinic during a time when there are significantly fewer patients and less turnaround time. Even if you are covered by a state health insurance plan, you can make an appointment during individual hours and receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company. You will need to pay the remainder yourself.

Order Prescriptions by Phone or E-mail

Dear Patients,

as part of our program to reduce waiting time, we now take your prescription orders by phone:

(0211) 41-66-58-28

You can also order your prescription by e-mail or by our order form.

Thank you!

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